Erin + Iain

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? "In 2015 I lost my dream job. The Company I worked for decided to no longer employ anyone in Canada. I was lost.
I started a new career in a different field. Being new is never fun... but then He called.
I had talked to many other people on a daily basis, but this was different. After the call I found myself wondering about him, and hoping he would call again.
He did! There was definitely and electric energy between us, we decided to meet.
We've been inseparable ever since! Never have I felt so at home as when I'm with him. 
He is the other piece of me I didn't even know was missing. It's that intangible, extra special something you only get once in a lifetime.
 At a time in my life when I was insure of it's direction, I found my compass.
In 2015 I may have lost my job but, I found exactly where I belong.
This is our Crazy in Love Story. Established in 2015 and FOREVER.

Good luck everyone!"