Leah + Pat

City: Fonthill

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? We have been married 25 years, in love for 30 years, raised 3 dogs & two humans successfully. Our bond is not about gifts its about having someone there for you unconditionally, better or worse. Pat has supported me through going back to college, quitting a job because of ethical dilemmas when there was no employment. Supported my own home business for 4 years until I could find another job. He believes in me and my decisions, sometimes crazy ones and doesn't question, he just says okay we can get through this. We have had 10 years of hockey, 2 scary concussions with our son, made serious decisions together about leaving hockey, very hard for a Dad who has loved every second of this journey. Adjusted to a Dance Dad now, he supports her and is a great seat holder for competitions.Team effort!  we have not had a holiday in 10 years but agree money better spent for our children our life's project.I could not have met a better husband, father so grateful & love him so much! dog does too!