Megan + Christopher

City: St. Catharines

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love? Christopher and I started dating in grade 10 at the same high school. I couldn't resist his big fluffy afro-like hair and perfect smile! That was over 7 years ago! It is crazy to look back at our life together and see how much we have grown up by each others side! Especially noticing the haircut progression in pictures! :D We are crazy in love because we have been best friends for so long and can't imagine where we would be without one another! Everyday our goal is to make eachother laugh and enjoy every moment together! We love going on new adventures and this trip would be our first time flying out of country together for one!! We are newly Engaged at age 22 and saving for a wedding! Winning this adventure means a chance to enjoy a relaxing time away from work and school. I love our crazy love bubble and anyone that knows us could tell you the same... We are just two kids who want nothing more than to go on great adventures together!