Sylvia + Jodi

City: Innisfil

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

"Jodi and I met on *** 2016 and were married on ***, less than three months later.  We were living in Niagara-on-the-Lake at the time and I was working in Grimsby.  We found a house on Lake Simcoe, in Innisfil, and moved there on 01 April 2017, but I have continued to work in Grimsby, listening to 105.7 all day every day.....

We began our life together as foster parents, with all the stresses that entails and for the past 10 months we have been apart during the week, with all the stresses that entails.  But we adore each other and our love just continues to grow.  My 49th birthday was two days ago and it we spent it eating lemon meringue pie and drinking coffee in bed, then snow shoeing on Lake Simcoe, then cooking dinner over the campfire in the backyard, with friends.  Through it all, there is this Exquisite woman who seems to be crazy in love with me, and me, who never dreamed that I would find such an Incredible, Beautiful and Gracious woman.  I love being in love!!!!!"