Taryn + Sean

City: Ridgeway

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? "Sean and I have been together for 22 years, since I was 18 years old. We?ve been married 15 years. Life has thrown a lot of curveballs to us including losing my brother, his best friend and his mother in 3 separate accidents. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful children, the last two being born premature and requiring the NICU at McMaster children?s hospital. Our youngest daughter has Cerebral Palsy as a result of her prematurity. Throughout it all we have stayed strong together. Sean is my biggest supporter my other half, we are opposites in many ways but together we compliment each other. We had our 15th wedding anniversary in September and would have loved to take a trip together. We would love this trip to relax and be together as a couple."