Allison + Aaron

City: St. Catharines

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love? My fiance and I did a backpacking trip this summer in Europe where he decided to pop the question in Ibiza, Spain.  The picture shown is the pier where this took place.  We are crazy in love because after this amazing day, later that evening, we decided to go swimming.  When we came out of the water, we quickly realized that my fiance's shorts got robbed off the beach and he had to ride the bus back to the hotel in his underwear!  To top this off, this scenario left us with no money, cell phones, credit cards/bank cards or identification to get back to the hotel with as they were all in his shorts pockets!  This required team work, patience, and begging for money and we worked through this together.  We finally got back to our hotel safely at 6:30am.  Talk about a crazy engagement story!!  Additionally, I am a big Beyonce fan so our stag and doe theme is Feyonce & Bae-Z Present:  Crazy in Love.