Arlene + Kim

City: St. Catharines

Status: Friends

Why are you crazy in love? "How do I love her?  Let me count the ways!  True love is when you are both raised the eldest daughters of Armenian families, with major expectations to live up to, go to the same high school, end up dating brothers, she teaches you how to drive and isn't mad when you get a flat tire on her car, work for the same employer, live together while you are working for that employer, almost kill each other because of too much togetherness but manage not to, she still speaks to you after you've made her walk about 20 miles in high heels when she's come to visit you at university, support each other through the craziest ups and downs, including breakups, engagements, marriages, births, illnesses, employment highs and lows, ends of marriages, family and friend tragedies, living hundreds of miles away from each other at times, and enjoy eating, drinking, dancing, music, laughing and spending time together, and wind up living within a few miles of each other after 45 years!  That's LOVE xoxox"