Barrett + Michelle

City: Stevensville

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? There are so many clichÈs we have about life and love; "marry your best friend", "opposites attract", "somehow I just knew", "I found my soulmate". I'll be honest, I didn't believe much in them, not until I met my wife to be. It's like my stars had aligned. My beautiful wife changed my life. Standing in front of me 8 years ago as we said our vows was everything I really had dreamed of, and everything I couldn't know I would want in life. She is the strongest person I have ever met, with the softest kindest heart. I couldn't begin to imagine a better mother or wife. I love her for everything she is, and everything she has helped me to become. My wife Michelle has shown me that "Dreams really do come true"...She deserves this, and I love her very much.