Breanna + Jeff

City:  Stoney Creek

Status:  Married

Why are you crazy in love?  

We are highschool sweethearts that have now been married 3 years and every year our marriage grows stronger. I am sure tonnes of people feel that way too. I feel as though over the years pur relationship has changed with us to make our love stronger.  He is my best friend who no matter the stress from work makes me smile, supports me through the many ups and downs in our lives. He is selfless and hardworking in all aspects of his life and asks for little for himself. I am lucky that I can return the support and love when he has a bad day. We are always learning new things about the other and surprising eachother with small romantic gestures when we can to show our love and appreciation. There are days we get annoyed or frustrated with eachother, and have bad days but no matter what being with eachother makes us feel most at home, happy, and relaxed and we work hard to  make sure that feeling never fades.