Chris + Bayley

City:  Grimsby

Status:  Engaged

Why are you crazy in love?  

"Our story is of two self proclaimed Geeks who found each other.


Once upon a time ago on a faithful day two friends were hanging out when they realised they both knew a single 'geek'. What started as a conversation about arranging a meeting quickly turned into an epic journey of fun, romance and of course geeky adventures.


We spend all our free weekends  going on new adventure and seeing new place and we never miss the opportunity to go to a Comic Con and cosplay.  We are always finishing each other thoughts, ideas and sometimes Sandwiches (Frozen reference).


Although we have many great Epic adventures planned to go on as a couple (Disney, New Zealand's Hobbit region, Distant Comic Cons) we would love a romantic getaway to a sandals resort."