Diane + Toby

City: Welland

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? My husband and I will be married for 45 years this *** and winning this trip would be a fantastic way to celebrate our anniversary.  We started dating our first year of high school after we attended our high school Sadie Hawkins Dance.  The girl had to pick the guy up for the dance and pay his way in.  He had to wear a vegetable corsage which his date made for him otherwise you could face the Kangaroo Court where the judge would make you do all sorts of crazy things in front of all the students who attended the dance.  We dated for six years before my husband popped the question.  We have been blessed with two sons and four grandchildren which we adore.  We both recently retired and we are looking forward to growing old together.  We are still very young at heart!