Julie + Duane

City:  Dunville

Status:  Common Law

Why are you crazy in love?  My husband and I have know each other since 1981, we met in grade 7, became friends. When we went to highschool every morning met in our smoking area, lol, and had our morning smoke together. After highschool he went off to college then off to Australia for a year and eventually moved near Ottawa for work. I went to college as well, but remained in our hometown. Years went by for both of us, I endured two failed marriages, him one. And one day I saw his mom in our hometown and asked how he was, she told me to go on faceboook so you can re connect. SO I did. That year the Stanley cup came to our hometown and he came home to see it. After that, long distance talks on the phone, many texts, then he finally said to me, "you know the movie Forrest Gump?" I said yes of course. He said "you're my Jenny". Well the rest is history, he worked towards finding a job in our hometown area, and moved home to me! Not only are we best friends, but he is the love of my life!