Kathy + FRIP Chicks

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Friends

Why are you crazy in love? 

"This is a Photo from My Surprise 40th Birthday Party.
 The picture is with every best friend that I have had through the years. All played an important role in my life...and are still my friends.

 From my Grade two friend,  to Secondary School friend and my High School Pal. My first drinking & partying over the river friend & Maid of Honor,  my co-worker and get me through divorce friend (with so many stories it could be made into a movie friend..lol) , my divorce Councillors (or Let's have some wine friends ) and My charming hostess friend who is always ready to have you in for dinner....and of course they are all still my friends... 

 Love them all!

It would be hard to pick someone to take this trip with so a draw would have to be done...but just acknowledging how lucky I am to have met them. befriended them and shared a lot of great years together.  I wouldn't change a thing."