Kayla + Mike

City: Welland

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? Mike and I went to the same high school. Although we knew of each other, we didn't start talking until we were both in college. He stayed in Niagara and I moved to Hamilton. We talked on and off for a few years before finally setting up a date in 2011. I always wondered why it wasn't sooner, but we realized we started dating at the time when we needed each other the most. Unfortunately his father had ALS and passed shortly after we started dating. I'm so happy I was there to help him through it just as he was there to help me cope with my depression. We're crazy in love because we were brought together at a time we felt we were at our lowest. We have a connection and a love for each other that seems rare nowadays. Mike has the biggest heart and always, always lifts me up when I'm down. I'm lucky to have found someone who loves and appreciates me as much as he does! He's my best friend and I can't wait to marry him one day!