Laura + Jeffrey

City:  Thorold

Status:  Married

Why are you crazy in love?  

I'm lucky - love found me. Originally from Georgian Bay, I didn't know Niagara. Upon meeting Mr. ?local? Jeff and discovering my adventure thirsty personality was starved for attention, he seized the opportunity to grab my hand and take me through local parks, hikes, beaches, & whatever else we could find. The first time we held hands was crossing the ravine below DeCew Falls. As our adventures grew so has our love and within 2 years we were married, and within 10 years and we are raising a beautiful family. I never knew I could love someone this much. I never knew I was only half complete. I love the memories we have made, making, and yet to come. Aging together is a journey of a lifetime and wow am I lucky to being doing it with the man of my dreams ? you! Thank you for taking me hand. Love Laura.