Lauren + Michael

City: Welland

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Mike and I are both teachers. When we met in math class, and it was immediately clear that he was very charming and intelligent. He needed to help me understand the math, and while that was extremely embarrassing for me, it showed me how smart he was. Over our past 3 years together, we have enjoyed great conversation, and shared many laughs. Now, I am just as "crazy in love" with Mike as I was back when I met him in math class. I guess you could say our algebraic variables would definitely spell out "LOVE." He is always someone I can count on to help me feel better relaxed and calm, and he always makes me feel better. He let me convert him into a Disney "freak" and he loves me so much that he let us get our wedding pictures done in Disney World (and proudly told his friends about it!) Fast forward to today, we are newly married (*** 2017) and I can say that Mike is truly a calm balance when I'm stressed, and an amazing partner to "do life with."