Lianne + Paul

City: Grimsby

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? My husband, "Paulie" is my true soul mate. Never a day goes by where he doesn't tell me how in love he is with me, how he adores me, and how crazy he is about me.  We have had some amazing adventures together.  He is my rock, and has support me in a significant career change and some extensive fitness goals.  I couldn't be where I am today without him.  He always holds my hand, opens my car door, walks on the traffic side of the sidewalk, and ALWAYS kisses me when he leaves the room and when he enters the room.  He has taken on a life with me and my teenagers, as if they were his own children. The extent of my love and appreciation for him is difficult to put into words.  It is a feeling like none other and I only wish others this same kind of love.  We live a fast paced, hard working life and could desperately use some time away on our own.  Winning a trip in this contest would be the ultimate "in love" experience for us both.!!