Liz + Grant

City: Grimsby

Status: Friends

Why are you crazy in love? My sweetheart is my son Grant.  He is 23  years old.  He is currently going to Brock University taking Bio Chemistry.  He is in his third year.  He works very hard and is very disciplined.  He has a job at Sobey's to help pay for school expenses.  He really is a "good guy". On January 9, 2018 we had a tragic thing happen to our family.  His dad passed away (57 years old).  Such a young age to loose a parent.  We are trying to support him in every way trying to keep things positive. I do want him to finish his schooling.  He is back and is trying his best but it is hard.  A trip down south would sure add some happiness to our lives at the moment.  EZ Rock  you are the best!