Lynda + Tom

City: Fonthill

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?  

I can tell you the usual Tom is my soulmate, a wonderful husband and father but instead I am going to tell you about his love for others.  Tom retired at the age of 54 he decided to go back to work part time as a dietary aide at a long term care home.  He was always rushed to get to the next resident so whe Katharine asked him to dance with her he would give her a twirl and move on, when Sam asked him to sing with him he would give a couple of lines and again move on.  This frustrated him greatly and one day he came home and said I'm going back to college.  At 56 years old he went and believe me college has changed since he was there 40 years ago.  Well he now is a Psw and he loves to dance a complete dance with Katharine and singing songs with Sam.  He comes home and tells me the stories of his days we laugh and laugh and sometimes we cry.  I am so proud of him and the love he shares with his residence.  Dance away my love??