Richard + Bonnie

City: Thorold

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? "I'm crazy in Love with Bonnie because she has opened my eyes to the only things that really matter.....our health and love for our children.  I.met Bonnie 1yr ago and fell in love with her almost immediately. When I met Bonnie she had just had cancer related surgeryand was undergoing radiation treatments.  Bonnie also has three young daughters. Without the help of anyone, Bonnie went through the survey, radiation treatment and recovery....all alone until she met me. I was literally heartbroken seeing such a young and beautiful girl having to go this alone.  All the while, working every day and never calling in sick, rushing home after work and treatments every 3 days to care for her girls. Never once did she complain or feel she was deserving of help. Bonnie has always been the helper of others and outs everyone else first. Bonnie is the most unselfish, loving, caring and thoughtful person I've met. This holiday would be for.....her. 
Thanks Guys! "