Tara + Chad

City: Burlington

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love? 

"We met in university, becoming friends early on; however, we were both too shy to take things further. It took going on a vacation down south to finally to take the next steps, so the beach has always been a special place, as it was where we first fell in love and began our journey together. 

Though it hasn't been perfect, we couldn't imagine living without the other, and have recently gotten engaged after 10 years together. One of the many reasons why I love Chad is his endless support. He has been by my side through many challenging times as I made my way through medical school and now residency, even sacrificing his own career and moving 3 provinces away from his family to allow me to follow my dreams. As we both get settled into our new jobs filled with long hours and hectic schedules, he continues to cheer me on whenever I doubt myself, to ground me when I feel lost and overwhelmed, to comfort me when I'm struggling, and makes me laugh and see hope even in the darkest of times."