Jason + Robyn

City: Fort Erie

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? We met in the most unusual of ways. I was a single father raising my son. She was a single mother we were both on a frugal parent site and she had asked when march break was. Fron that day we began talking more and more. I then realized that we had so much in common. She would find reasons to stop by and get our kids together. We could make anything fun wether it be grocery shopping or just taking the kids out for walks. Every thing moved really quickly with in months we knew we were ment for each other. We bought a house and moved the kids in together. She quickly became my everything and she became the mother my son never had.we have watched our boys become brothers and had the most magical wedding on june third where out sons were a huge part of the wedding. We bought an apple tree which was part of the ceremony the boys watered it and we then planted it in our yard for the boys to watch grow as our family grows. With out her in my life I think I would be lost she is my world.