Kelly + Rob

City: St. Catharines

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? "Rob and I have been together for almost 14 years. He's the best step dad anyone could ask for with unconditional love! 
The last few years have been a bit rough due to rob working long hours to provide . Last Year was especially rough . I was diagnosed with a molar pregnancy at 46 that had to be surgically removed ... a few months later I found out I had invasive cervical cancer. After a biopsy and intense surgery the cancer cells were removed .. as soon as I discovered I was ok I found out my dad was diagnosed with bladder / prostate cancer. The entire time Rob was by my side . At times I'd push away only to realize he was my rock! He loves me and my son he sticks with me through thick and thin and brings me wine and flowers weekly ... he even surprises me with chunks of Parmesan my favourite cheese. I could'nt imagine my life with anyone else ..."