Laura + Fabian

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Picture shows happy times welcoming 2017. A year that would celebrate our 25th  wedding   Anniversary, and my 50th.  However last year would bring much sadness.  Following 9 months of frequent trips to BC to support my beautiful sister Lisa as she battled breast cancer, she would lose her fight on February 21, 2017.    Left buried in grief, my husband has stood by my side,  as I stayed home on our anniversary trip to Italy ( he went with his parents).  Without Lisa , I also found celebrating my 50 th lonely and sad.  Today as my husband and I travel one last time to BC to finalize the sale and closure of my sisters house, I am again reminded of his unwavering support, patience, kindness, and love.    I feel like the timing and destination of your trip is a sign. Fabian and I honeymooned in Antigua, 25 and a half years ago.  A reminder to enjoy life, go to the beach , feel the sun on my face, and just be with my husband. Crazy in love