Madeline + Mike

City: St. Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? Hmm.....not a simple question to answer.....I am 52, divorced 20 years and last serious relationship ended 10 years the dating scene at my age is, to say the least, interesting...then I met Mike using my final kick at the can on a dating website....Up until dating had been like living in the Twilight Zone! Mike is the kind of guy who actually listens and he remembers even the smallest details...not something I had ever experienced.  He always tells me to drive safely wherever I go and to let him know when I have arrived...not matter the distance.  He voluntarily gives back rubs......just because.  On my birthday, unknown to me, a surprise bouquet of flowers arrived at my work.  Never in my 52 years had I ever received flowers from a partner. I must say this made me cry.  What makes me love him is his kindness and thoughtfulness to everyone, especially his mom.  Best of all, we laugh together until we cry and our ribs hurt...and he puts the worm on my hook!