Melissa + Andrew

City: Brantford

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love? Drew and I met online and instantly connected.  I never felt more comfortable with anyone before.  I realized only a couple of months into dating that I loved him and wanted children with him.  This was a huge deal because i never wanted kids before.  Fast forward a few years and Drew surprised me by reenacting our first date.  Before the night was over, he asked me to marry him!  I was over the moon and said yes!!! Two weeks later, we both got a surprise. We were expecting our first baby.  Deciding to put wedding plans and honeymoon plans on hold, we focused on our little baby to be.  During the whole pregnancy and the labour Drew was unbelievably supportive anx amazing!  And I just love him that much more!  And now our love for each other has created the most beautiful and precious baby girl! We are both over the moon for her and each other and we have never been happier!