Natasha + Dan

City: South Cayuga

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? I met this man 10 years ago... when we met it was live st first sight- It sounds so cliche yet I was with a girlfriend at a pub and we ran into her friends brother - we went to another pub and walked in and I saw Dan ... there was litrerally a light around him and I saw no one else - I declared I must get to know that guy! To which to which my friends friends brother said - I know him! We go to school together in Thunder bay and are home  for the summer !  He introduced us and Dan walked me home - he stopped to give me a sweet kiss at every light post ! Even 10 years later he is still just as sweet and romantic ... I can only hope for a lifetime together and that he knows how much I truely live him and how much we really are meant to be !