Nicole + Tony

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? "Tony & I met in November of 1990. He was my first love. We dated for a few years, but grew apart. Tony moved away to go to college, and we actually went to school in the same city,  hung out in the same pub, but unbelievably never once ran into one another. 24 years later, after we both had failed marriages and our beautiful children, Social Media brought us back together as friends, and that quickly turned into a whirlwind romance. Tony was living out of the province at the time, so we had lots of visits and trips to see one another. We were able to get Tony moved back to Ontario, and our relationship became quite serious, and 7 months later on my birthday Tony proposed to me outside on the terrace in January at Casa Loma in Toronto. It was like from a fairytale.
We were married in *** of 2017 and are so excited to soon be celebrating out 1st Wedding Anniversary on *** 2018.
We never had a honeymoon so this would be PERFECT for us to celebrate our renewed love!"