Pamela + Jeff

City: St. Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? "Jeff and I found each other on a dating website. I had been alone for 4 years and Jeff a year. Today I can say that I have found my soul mate. Before my mother?s passing in February 2017, she told me that I would find someone and it would be a reason to live again. Both Jeff and I have overcome Similar obstacles in our previous marriages.. today I live my life to the fullest with someone who is caring , kind,  attentitive , thoughtful , genuine and lives with the same morals I do. I have never had a coffee in bed until I met Jeff, I have never had someone who helped me set a table and clean dishes for a family meal until I met Jeff , I have never laughed so hard at 3 am that the next day we didn?t have to do an ab workout until I met Jeff. 
I have truly found my life partner !!! Thanks mom!!! Xo"