Paul + Sharon

City: Welland

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? I married my beautiful wife in 2009, both of us had been married previously and our relationships didn?t work out the way we had planned. My sister set us up on our first date at my work Christmas party.  Sharon wasn?t really interested at first, but I managed to win her heart the day I visited her mother who was very sick in the hospital the day of the Welland Rose Parade. I got all dressed up in my firefighter gear (I?ve been a volunteer fire fighter for 35 years) and brought Sharons mother down in her wheelchair to watch the parade. The picture she took of her mother and I sits in our family room still & it wasn?t long after Sharons mother passed away. Not only is my wife an amazing caring person, hard worker (PSW in a retirement home) she also helps me raise my grand child Lucas which we have custody of. Lucas is a special little man and Sharon works nights to ensure she is able to send him off to school in the morning and pick him up off the bus. Shes holds our family together.