Rosanne + Sam

City: Thorold

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? Eighteen years ago we were crazy enough to agree to go on a blind date! That night was the beginning of who we are - best friends, and soul mates.  This year we will be celebrating 16 years of marriage. In this time we have been through a lot that test a marriage and we have grown stronger and closer as a couple. We have 2 beautiful children Christian and Emma who keep us busy with their crazy schedule of activities, but we always find the time to spend quality family time together. With busy schedules we try to go on a date night every two weeks.  I know that Sam is crazy in love because he always puts me and the kids first. He works long hours to provide for our family, takes us on memorable family vacations and surprises me with flowers, just because. I would love to surprise him for a change, and winning this trip would be perfect!