Sharon + Paul

City: Welland

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? We met 20 years ago through my sister and family friends after the first time we met Paul told my sister he was going to marry me after meeting once .We went to Pauls work Christmas party for our first date one year later Paul proposed to me at the same Christmas party .We got married in June 2009 We went to Jamica for our honeymoon .Till this day we talk everyday always saying I love you .We keep dreaming of going back to Jamica however due to caring for grandchildren that needed us at the time we put our love and all our money on them so we weren't ever able to go back to Jamica so going back just us or if we could bring one we have left with us he would love it we pay the extra ticket for him as he just goes oh ahhh everytime he sees Jamica on tv about resorts.Lucas is special needs boy that goes to Quaker School He is everything to us deserves this vacation too. Paul and I have put our life on hold and a costly custody battle put our life last  we got Lucas from FACS  .