Sheila + Don

City: Smithville

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? We met almost 15 years ago (February 2003)on a beach in the Dominican Republic with a travel group.  Donnie is the best souvenir I have ever brought back from a holiday!! He is amazing.  He met me at 4:00 a.m. in the airport the day we left on our trip (morning is not my strong suit), he has seen me in a bathing suit and with no make up and still loves me. We will celebrate the anniversary of 15 years together on February 12.  He still makes my heart flutter when I see him across the room.  He opens my car door every time I get in.  He buys me flowers and gifts for no reason.  He has been my rock through life trials and health issues and can make me laugh when I am down. How awesome would it be if we could celebrate 15 wonderful years in love the same way we met...traveling to somewhere warm.  Donnie is a very amazing man and i am very happy to say he is mine. PS he gave me an engagement ring and told me not to get too excited, we could set a "date when hell froze over".