Tara + Anthony

City: Georgetown

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love? I searched for him , 22 years ago he was doing an event I attended every year and I always thought he was so handsome and charismatic, however we never spoke once. fast forward to 8 years ago  and I always wondered where he was well I only knew his first name and he was a DJ until someone posted pictures fro a wedding and there it was his name,   I messaged him and he recognized me but didnt know my name or anything we chatted and eventually met up, from that night on were/inseparable. I got hit by a car while on my bicycle this past september and its bad I have no use of my left leg currently .I have been on bed rest since september 14th and he is my hero not onlydos he get up at 4am tomake sure im set for the day but he then works all day deals with any issues we may have with our 7 kids combined,cooks dinner cleans helps me and only then does he relax, there is no word to describe our love