Tina + Jacques

City: Port Colborne

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love?  We met finally by chance while i was outside sanding an old ladder. He was driving by and saw that i was outside and he stopped , backed up and walked over to me and asked if i would ever consider selling my house cause he was interested in the property. I just looked at him like he was nuts and replied by saying no, he said holy crap i love your eyes. We continued talking awhile and left after a brief conversation only to return almost every day. I was very apprehensive of him and how forward and pushy he was. Everytime i walked my dogs he would make a point of being nearby and would once again strike up a conversation until i agreed to go on a date with him. Then we found out we had only been living two blocks away from each other and had been that way for a few years. We just clicked, we are so similar in so many ways its almost creepy. We just became best friends and inseperable. He proposed, i said yes and then life got crazy and it hasn t happened yet. That hasn't changed our lov