Cindy + Kevin

City: Fonthill

Status: Married

Why are you Crazy in Love? 

From the moment I met Kevin I knew my life would always be an adventure! He is the most generous, loving, selfless and funny guy I have ever met. Life with him is never dull that is for sure! For most of our adult life, everything revolved around our two kids...sports, dance, family adventures, education etc. The kids are now grown and married and we are about to welcome our second and third grand baby in the next 2 months! We have been trying since our 25th wedding anniversary to get away on an adult vacation but two engagements and weddings became more important than our vacation! We are now coming up to our 30th anniversary this June and what a wonderful way it would be to celebrate it in Jamaica! Our honeymoon was the last time we got away to a tropical location!!!

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