Courtney + Ian

City:  Milton

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? 

Every day we save each other. We are not a problem for one another, but we are the solution for each other. We are the calm to each other's chaos, he's the umbrella to my rain, and we are the lights in each other's fog. He praises my strengths and guards my weaknesses. He has made my dreams his own, and continues to strive for those dreams to come true. Days when I'm down, when my depression and anxiety weigh heavy on my heart, mind, and shoulders, he picks me up and holds my hand as I weather that storm. He walks by my side and guides me. We are not spectacular, we are not on a whirlwind romance, we are on a journey that will allow us to love and experience all the wonders that true love brings. I love him fully. His laugh soothes me, his gaze melts my insecurities, and his voice makes me swoon. I've known love before, but never a love like this. This is pure, untainted, true love.

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