Danielle + Richard

City:  St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

"Ahhhh where to begin about my soulmate!
 Rich and I were married this year and it was over 12 years in the making! We are so much alike it's funny. We say weird things, make up random words, dance play and laugh. 2018 had a lot of up's and downs for us. One of our up's was being married. One of our downs was my spinal fusion in March. But boy oh boy did he rally through and help me. I was needy and a bit whiny if I'm honest! And the result and recovery was unknown. But he always stayed positive. And he helped me walk again, listened to me complain, helped me with stretches, cooked for me and more. It was a long process! But he never gave up. I'd love to win this so we can go on the honeymoon he deserves. Our real honeymoon was clouded with me being limited and in a lot of pain. I love him more then anything. He is my world and I'm so grateful he is mine. Xo"

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