Heili + Istvan

City: Mount Forest

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love?

People say that they would move mountains for their loved one, but I'm lucky enough to have had someone who literally did just that. We grew up outside of Toronto butI was placed in Vancouver for work years ago. After long distance battles, I was lucky enough to have a man prioritize our relationship to the point where he quit his job, left his apartment, packed a bag, and bought a one-way ticket to move across the country for me. When I fell ill with Steven Johnson's Syndrome in March last year, we were forced uproot our life and move back to Ontario to be able to have the medical care required. This man has kissed my cheek, held my hand at the hospital, and been the rock to my changing foundation for over 5 years, and it is his turn to be shown in a grand way how much he is loved. He is patient and has loved me through it all (and one doesn't forget feeling loved like that at one's lowest). We are #crazyinlove, and I would love to surprise Isti with an experience he truly deserves.

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