Janelle + Ryan

City:  St. Catharines

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? 

The most selfless human being. Always goes out of the way to do things just to make me smile. Makes me feel beautiful on my worst days and never fails to make me laugh. I am so lucky to have met such a kind soul and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Been through a year of long distance and came out even more then love then before. Never met someone who i can be totally myself with and not have to worry about judgement or unconditional love. He is the best part of my everyday and a trip like this would be a grear chance to give back to him for everything he does and puts up with (not always the easiest to deal with). To wake up every morning with him beside me has allowed me to feel confident that regardless of any stress or problems that occur in a day, his love is enough to make me forget and fell better. No one i would rather binge watch netflix shows and drink boxed wine with on a Saturday night.

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