Jennier + Nigel

City:  St. Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? 

"We met briefly in a bar one night when I wasn't out looking for anything, just having a good time with my girl friends.  I would never have guessed that I had left a lasting impression. But he tracked me down and two days later I received a message via social media from this guy I didn't know.  Some might say, Stalker? but if you'd ask him he would say determined.  We chatted back and forth a little bit and I had said I wasn't interested a few times, but he didn't give up and really, I didn't want him to.  He had a charm about him that made me want to keep chatting, that made me feel like we've know each other for some time.   He jumped head first into a world and home he had not experienced before.  He didn't once shy away with fear or uncertainty of being with a single parent.  He accepted and included my daughter even before he met her, and it just made me love him more.    Although we are quite opposite in our interests, the similarities we have in our values and beliefs bind us together."

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