Jessica + David

City:  Niagara Falls

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? My husband has loved me in a way I thought was never possible. He has carried me threw many storms in life, when I was 8 months pregnant he navigated and guided me with so much strength threw the sudden unexpected loss of my father. He has always made me feel loved beyond measure even when I couldn?t love myself, since the day we started dating 15 years ago and still shows that undying love threw our children and being the sole provider for our family he has given me the ability to see myself threw his eyes and it gives me the boosting confidence to always believe in myself. Of corse the added affection when a random package is delievered or when he rubs my feet and how he praises me for the way our children are being raised while he is on the road providing. But the small things my husband does on a daily basis that helps keep our relationship and family running smoothly are far more valuable than anything money can buy. My life is so much more beautiful because of the love we share. Growing old use to scare me to pieces but knowing that I?m spending it with him makes it something to look forward too.

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