Julie + Floriant(Flo)

City:  Welland

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love? 

He snores but I still love him. At night he has weird dreams where he is Batman, and the super-kicks he's aiming at the "bad-guys" end up landing on my lower back (full-tilt) but I still love him. He "forgets" to shave and he scratches my face with his stubble but I still love him. On the other hand...I nag him to fix things around the house but he still loves me. I freak out if a dirty sock doesn't make it to the laundry but he still loves me. I play entirely too much Candy Crush but he still loves me. Flaws and all, we are a team. We are raising 2 beautiful daughters and hope to show them that although there are imperfections and quirks, the underlying foundation is love. We're not sappy, nor do we pretend to be the perfect couple. We mock people who only post their "most perfect photos" on social media. We are real. We have our moments of frustration. Looking back though, it's the fun times that stand out. The grouchy mornings and irritating habits melt away and dear memories of vacations, family time, and fun dominate our minds. Being there for each other through sadness and loss, remembering to say "thank you" when a special meal is prepared, and being on the same page while parenting are what make us a strong couple. No matter what life brings us, we'll always be crazy in love...although the Batman-kicks are mostly just CRAZY.

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