Kim + Kat

City: Milton

Status: Married

Why are you Crazy in Love? 5 and a half years ago Kat and I met on and I never would have imagined that the moment I sent the first message to her that 4 years later we would be saying ?I Do.? After our first blind date at a Starbucks I knew she was the one. The moment my eyes locked on hers I was captured in the best way possible. I know love at first sight exsists, because I experienced it with her. It was never easy for me to accept my sexuality, I always wished I wasn?t born this way; until I met Kat. It was so easy to love her and it still is. I don?t think about being gay when I?m with her because we are just us, crazy in love! The past two years I have been on deaths door multiple times due to a life threatening eating disorder. Anorexia almost took my life and our relationship was tested during these times. All Kat wanted to do was make me feel better and all I wanted was to be better so we could get back to married life. We have been married for a year and a half and I have spent 11 of those months hospitalized or in treatment. Through thick and thin, Kat has stood by me, her love not wavering. In sickness and in health, we have seen first hand what those vows really mean. Now, I?m living in recovery ( still fighting my eating disorder every day ) but have been given another chance at life and Kat and I have so much time to make up! Kat deserves the world and for the rest of my life, I will be commited to giving her that. Our love is stronger than any tidal wave that has tried to separate us. Our love is perfectly imperfect. I wouldn?t want to spend my life with anyone but her! She gets me, and I get her. And with each other we can face any mountain. We are so overdue for a trip away just the two of us, where we can reconnect in our relationship and look back on everything we have overcome together. Love is sweet, love is tender, love is powerful. Love is love is love is love is love.

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