Kristen + Mitch

City:  St. Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? 

He cares so much for me and always seems to show how much he loves me. We?re both young and I know we haven?t been married for 20 years but right now we?re are so in love, and over almost the 3 years we?ve been together it hasn?t been perfect but it has been an adventure with its ups and downs and we live through them all and communicate to make it through. Even though we?re both students soon to be graduated and it can be hard to be together he always make time for me which means the world to me. It?s hard to put into words as to why you love someone because there?s so many reasons but what I can say is I?m so happy and we?re taking every day one day at a time and loving everyday we have each other.

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