Lisa + Jacob

City: Thorold

Status: Married

Why are you Crazy in Love? 

We are crazy in love indeed. We've been together for 12 years, and married for 10 years, this year. We have 3 amazingly crazy little boys and it's sheer pandemonium in our home. We found that the key to a successful relationship, is to keep each other laughing. Life will throw obstacles your way, things won't always work out the way you planned, and there may be days that your kid pees down your heating vents. In those times, it's crazy important to laugh together. We have a very busy life, amazing friends, an incredible family, and we couldn't be happier to be on this journey together. Our home may not always be spotless, my husband's shirts have never been ironed, and there may have been a day when our kids woke up before us, and ate 8 packs of paw patrol fruit snacks for breakfast, but we love each other to our very cores. We are best friends and we have a deep respect for one another. We're not perfect, but we most definitely are, crazy in love.

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