Mary + Daryl

City: St. Catharines

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love?

Second time around with this man, it was fate that brought us back!! He is the most kind, giving, passionate and loving man that I have ever known. He has helped my family and myself in so many unconditional ways. Never to ask why when asked for help. He just helps. He adores my grandchildren as they adore him. He has stepped up when no one was there. His love patience and care for his parents is so admirable and makes me appreciate him all the more. He works hard, respects everyone no matter who they are and always looks for the best quality in a person and never judges. For me, he respects me and has made life a lot easier and happier. He always says 'No matter what, we are a team!' Those words make me feel safe with him. To know him is to love him for sure! I would love to surprise him with this to thank him and show our appreciation for him. Thank you 105.7 :) I will pray for this!

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