Melissa + Jim

City:  Niagara Falls

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

A million years ago, a server & a cook would meet in the cooler and sneak a kiss. We met at Mama Mias restaurant and the rest is history! Jim & I got married, had 3 kids and lived happily ever after... sort of. Times got hard and we moved out west for better jobs. We missed Niagara and our family so much, as our parents got older we dreamed of coming home. His father, and my mother battle cancer now and we decided it's we are home... sort of. Jim continues to work away, we see him every 2 weeks for 6 days and my heart still flutters when I pick him up at the airport. He's the kind of man you wish all your sisters and friends could wind up with, he's loved by family... more than he by a few siblings I suspect! I'm sure I hit the jackpot when that young cook asked me out 20 something years ago I couldn't b happier to be his wife... sort of. We'd both be happier if we were on a beach!!

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