Rachael + Ryan

City: East Garafraxa

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?

He's the shy and quiet type and I'm the crazy loud one. After deciding to quit our ?grown up? jobs we made the decision to bum around and ski patrol. Later he told me he fell in love the moment he met me, he even remembers what I was wearing. The proposal was at the ski hill. He had it all planned out and I almost wrecked it with my stubbornness of bringing the dog! Eleven years later, eight years of marriage, two kids, one old farmhouse and the obligatory dog, he still sends me flowers on my birthday, makes sure there's a towel in the bathroom for my morning shower, waits for me to get home to eat dinner, puts out the garbage and rubs my feet after a long day. There's been many tears, many cheers, a whole lot of beers and there's no one else I would rather take this crazy ride with.


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