Rachel + Sharif

City:  St. Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? 

My sweetheart now, back in 2013 tried to reach out to me but I was already in a relationship and had to shut him down. He was very respectful about it and we remained friends. In 2017 I was engaged and it did not work out. After a year I finally reached back out to Sharif and we have been inseperable since then. I am crazy in love with Sharif because he has such a big heart and our most common goal at our middle age is to make sure we can take care of our parents in their older age. Sharif does not have any biological children and I am not able to have kids so our parents are our #1 responsibility and we both agreed we would have each others backs through this time in our middle age to help one another with our parents in their elderly age. Thats one of the many reasons Im crazy in love with Sharif because my parents mean so much to me and he could pressure me about having kids and our own family but he doesnt. He takes what matters the most to me and supports me in every way. I love this man so much it brings me to tears of joy that I finally found someone who doesn't try to change me and accepts me and loves me for being me.

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